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International Business Development and Consulting



ELCO Solutions, LLC is a privately-owned business that began its work in 2010 by identifing a growing global business need.  We focus on proving growth oportunities in International Markets.

We are based in Sheboygan, WI U.S.A with partner offices located worldwide to make sure that our clients will maximize our service offering.


We offer over 25 years of successful experience working in International Markets, providing our customers a unique expertise in business culture and global markets.  We serve a wide variety of markets worldwide focused on Medical Equipment and Industrial Products.

Global Partnerships

At ELCO Solutions we have established key alliances worldwide to further assist our customers to accelerate market penetration, profit generation and brand recognition.  Our business partner are located in key areas worldwide such as Hong Kong, Mexico City, Bogota Colombia, Miami and Sheboygan USA.  Our global offices have over twenty years of experience doing business wordwide to ensure our mutual success minimizing expenses and risk.

Core Competencies

Understanding/accepting global business culture, Honesty, Keen global market knowledge and a Deep commitment to deliver results are the center stones of ELCO Solutions core competencies.  In addition to these values, we embrace leadership, innovation and cooperation from clients and suppliers, because we believe that these remarkable actions are key factors to ensuring mutual global success.

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